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PIM sparse mode (PIM SM)  the traffic from sources to the RP initially flows encapsulated in Register messages.

This activity is very intensive because of encapsulation/de-encapsulation mechanisms, also an SPT is built between the RP and the source (initiated by the RP), which results in (*, G) and (S, G) entries created between the RP and the source.


For the moment lets have this scenario



There are two commands that you need for simple PIM sparse mode (PIM SM) deployment (assuming that the rendezvous point [RP] is learned automatically via Auto-RP or bootstrap router [BSR] mechanisms; if not, the RP address has to be manually configured (using the ip pim rp-address).

  • Global command ip multicast-routing enables support for IP multicast on a router.
  • Interface command ip pim sparse-mode enables PIM SM operation on the selected interface.

An additional command is the SPT threshold,  the default …

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