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The WithDomainObject Pattern

Note, the sample code was modified on 5/18/2011. The withPerson method is now private.

I generally follow the same patterns with my controllers. They start with “the big 7 actions” – closures for index, list, show, create, save, edit, update and delete. Then i include any necessary controller-specific actions. After unit testing my controllers for the up-teenth time, I realized that there is a consistent pattern for many of the actions – get the id from params, get the domain object, then use the domain object. I wanted to extract this pattern into its own method, and that extraction evolved into the “WithDomainObject” pattern.

The Problem

Lets say you had a contact manager application, and you had a domain object called Person and a controller called PersonController. In the controllers show, save, edit, update and delete actions all follow the same pattern:

  1. Get the ID from the params…

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