Send an SMS from your Desktop


Today I received a lot of sms’es from my sis and mom.
I get stressed typing messages on my mobilephone’s touchscreen.

So I was looking for a desktop solution to send an sms.
But I hate installing software on a desktop these days.

I decided to look for another solution… After 5 minutes of thinking I had choosen to write my sms’es in a QR generator ( and to scan them with my preinstalled QR Reader.
Now i don’t have to write them anymore on my small Acer’s touchscreen.

Isn’t it called “Smart Thinking”? 


Two disadvantages:

  1. You have to know the number of your contact (By knowing it by heart -if you are a smart guy-, or by looking up in your phone)
  2. You still need your phone to scan the code

Bye Bye!


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