New Windows Azure portal…

Dear All,

Today I was extending my Electronic Invoicing project for Volvo and for my logging I would like to use a MS SQL Server, but currently I’m waiting till our new App Server is configured by our Swedish colleagues. But as you all know, i don’t like to wait. Thus, I decided to make use of a MS Azure DB to continue my development process. When creating the new Database I saw something strange… It seems there is a new portal available when going to your personal menu.

  1. When you click on your personal menu button, you’ll see a new menu coming up.
  2. The last item in the list shows you a link to your new portal “Switch to new portal”.
    New portal button
  3. When you’ve clicked on it, you’ll be redirected to your new portal.
    New Windows Azure portal image

Honestly, this menu seems to be more attractive and user friendly. It provides also a good overview of the current status of the different services.

Overview status of different services

Looking back to the previous image, there is only one button to create a new service “New”.


So all the services you can have on Windows Azure are behind that button.


After some research, it seems this management portal is already available since April 3, 2014. More information can be found in this MSDN blog from Microsoft.

Keep clouding!

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