Google Calendar: Google wants to be predictive? Well, this change can help them…

Dear Reader,

It has been quite a while since I wrote something very very stupid on my blog.
But after my previous blogpost (about the bug in Google translate) I saw it really works (because they solved the bug) when writing articles.
(Honestly, I never got confirmed they solved the bug due to the article I wrote 😉 )

This being said, in this post I’ll talk about a missing change for Google in their Google Calendar App.

As we all know Google wants to be very predictive. But in my opinion they could improve their Calendar App with the following changes.

What we have today…

Today, when we create a new event in the calendar:

  1. You first have to create a subject/title.
  2. Second, you need to determine a location.

The following printscreen will illustrate it.


Google Calendar Today

This is how Google Calendar looks today.


What should we have tomorrow…

to become more predictive:

  1. First determine a subject/title of the event.
  2. Second, choose the guest you’d like to invite.
  3. Next, you’ll be able to choose a location depending the guests you’re inviting. (But you should still be able to choose another location than one predefined in the list.)
Google Calendar Predictive Future

This is how Google needs to become for better predictability.

But what’s the difference?

Well, in Google Contacts you can create different addresses for each contact you have. By default you can choose a “Work” and a “Home” location. But you can also create custom locations like I did (in the following printscreen).

Google Contacts Example

A Google Contact with multiple addresses.

An example

I would like to Invite the Google Head of UX Research Jhilmil Jain of a meeting.

You provide a subject like “Meeting Google Calender UX” and as guest I provide the name “Jhilmil Jain” (Who’s already in my Google Contacts).
Now Google can propose 6 different locations that may be relevant because they already knows my addresses and those from Jain:

  1. My Home Address
  2. My Work Address
  3. Jain’s Work Address
  4. Jain’s Home Address
  5. Jain’s Meeting Place
  6. Current location (via GPS)
  7. A last option should be: “Choose other”

See Example:

Google Predicts the location

Predicts the meeting/event location depending the guest you’re inviting…

Isn’t that genius from Google?

See you later,
Oele Geirnaert

PS: Do you know what they tell about history?


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