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Honestly, I really like Android. Everything is always synchronised. Even the pictures you take with your mobile phone. You don’t have to carry about back-up’s anymore! Quite handy! (In this post, I will not talk about the privacy and the security you have to take into account! But I really recommend you to read something about Google’s 2 Step Verification.) Anyway, if the synchronisation on your android phone is active, you can find your photo’s online via


Photo WebApp

Google’s new Photo Web Application is recently renewed… I don’t know the right release date, but I suppose it’s since yesterday or the day before. Google is rolling out the new features and I received them today. The first thing I saw was the new searchbar which allows you to search through your photos. You even don’t need to tag them before you’re querying your photos. You can use searchterms like:

  • Colours
  • Locations
  • Things
  • Dates
  • Types (Photos, Videos,..)

Oele_Geirnaert_MontVentoux  Oele_Geirnaert_Blauw Oele_Geirnaert_PurpleOele_Geirnaert_GreenOele_Geirnaert_Auto

As I’m also designing and developing websites, this feature is very helpful when you need to find some pictures for your design. If you need a certain colour, you can search that color and find some nice pictures that matches your design.

Please can you leave a comment on this post if you know other things I can query my pictures?

Thanks for reading,
Oele Geirnaert

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