Google Chrome hidden feature and Introducing Google Timeline

Did you know Google Chrome has a hidden feature?

ChromeOfflineErrorMessageOeleGeirnaertIt’s very frustrating if you’re waiting your train abroad and don’t have any internet connection to check your Facebook, Istagram, Twitter or anything else. But do you know you can still make some fun?

Please tell me how!

So please deactivate all of your internet connections (3/4G, Wifi, …) and try to visit a non-cached website. If you open Chrome and the webpage is showing up correctly, you need to reload the page. If you’ve done this, you normally should receive the following error message “You are offline.” (See Printscreen)

But have you already tried to poke that little Tyrannosaurus?


My thoughts

  • I really don’t know why they’ve chosen a dinosaur, don’t ask questions 🙂
  • I really don’t know how long this feature is already part of the Chrome browser, but i’ve discovered it recently.

Other Printscreens

GameOverOeleGeirnaert ScoreOeleGeirnaert RunningOeleGeirnaert

Google is rolling out their Maps Timeline.

You can visit your own timeline @

Before it was called “Location History” located under the link
So now they redesigned it with a more attractive UX (User eXperience).

Google Timeline

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