A new experience… Windows Azure


Last month I did some tests on Windows Azure (Creating virtual servers, websites, services,…) and i can say that it’s really amazing! You can make online virtual machines in minutes. After you’ve created a new machine, you can download a RDP-config file to connect to this new cloud-host. Let the game begin and do what you want without worrying doing something wrong… If you did some bad changes, you can simply create a new virtual server. (You can use pre-created images, or you can create you own awesome virtual machine – even linux hosts… – .)

Another nice tool that’s available through Windows Azure is WebMatrix which allows you to easily create a new website. One remark, the IDE is not really that special, but strange enough it’s already pre-configured to connect to your online webdirectory.

A little example about my first Azure Website can be found on: http://oelegeirnaert.azurewebsites.net/

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Oele Geirnaert – Config DataSource.groovy

Dear All,

Today i figured out how to configure your DataSource.config file to make a connection to you MongoDB when your application is hosted on Jelastic.

You can find this config @PasteBin: Oele Geirnaert – Config DataSource.groovy

Don’t forget to install the MongoDB plugin (grails > install-plugin mongodb) and to disable the hibernate plugin.
You can disable this plugin by going to your  BuildConfig.groovy file and remove the line runtime “:hibernate:$grailsVersion”.
But as always, it’s much better to comment this line (as kind of back-up) instead of removing…

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