A new experience… Windows Azure


Last month I did some tests on Windows Azure (Creating virtual servers, websites, services,…) and i can say that it’s really amazing! You can make online virtual machines in minutes. After you’ve created a new machine, you can download a RDP-config file to connect to this new cloud-host. Let the game begin and do what you want without worrying doing something wrong… If you did some bad changes, you can simply create a new virtual server. (You can use pre-created images, or you can create you own awesome virtual machine – even linux hosts… – .)

Another nice tool that’s available through Windows Azure is WebMatrix which allows you to easily create a new website. One remark, the IDE is not really that special, but strange enough it’s already pre-configured to connect to your online webdirectory.

A little example about my first Azure Website can be found on: http://oelegeirnaert.azurewebsites.net/

See you next time,

Drupal als een lego bouwdoos gebruiken Drupal development Carette Donny

Dear All,

Today I was working with an online demo of Exact  and I don’t know why, but I would like to know on which platform the site/online app was created.

During my searchquery i landed on the following website, which seems to be very usefull for me in the future: (I hope you understand Dutch?)

Drupal als een lego bouwdoos gebruiken Drupal development Carette Donny.

(In one of my previous projects I had to work with drupal)

In fact, this is just a note to myself… Or do you find this repost also very usefull?


Voor een vriend ontwikkelde ik de website www.jamesdesign.be.
Hij ontwierp het design en ik deed de code achter de website.

Voor print- of drukwerk kan je hem dus steeds contacteren via het contactformulier.

Deze eenvoudige website maakt gebruik van HTML, CSS en PHP.

JamesDesign - Homepage

Dit is de homepage van James.


JamesDesign - Contact

Dit contactformulier maakt gebruik van PHP.

JamesDesign - Portfolio

De portfolio wordt weergegeven in een gallerij.